Is It Best To Jump On The Robot Vacuum Cleaner Bandwagon Or Perhaps Not?

Remember when our only option for vacuuming was to push a heavy machine around our house for an hour? No longer is that our only option, thank god! As a society, we have been playing with the idea of robots for a long time and we finally have created bots that can do some of these annoying tasks that we no longer want to spend our time doing. While robots may not have been successful right off the bat, over time they have been perfected and we now have consumer-level robot vacuum cleaners.

What is a robot vacuum cleaner? Robot vacuum cleaners (aka Robovacs) have the ability to vacuum your house all on their own because of their intelligent programming. They have become quite complex over the year and can detect where your stairs are, what the layout of your rooms are like, and some can even mop or sterilize particular areas. Many of these are no longer just a vacuum cleaner but more of a domestic robot.

While the first vacuum cleaning robot was created in 1997, they became first launched by an American company in the year 2002. The company was iRobot and the robovac was the Roomba, which is still one of the most popular brands today. It was not a shocking fact that millions of Americans rushed out to buy Roombas as nobody enjoyed vacuuming. Quickly you could discover numerous manufacturers getting in and offering up solutions such as the Neato Bot Vac 65 to fight for market share.

Many companies have started producing their own versions of the robot vacuum and since 2002, many have come and gone in the marketplace. Thanks to advances in technology, these vacuums are coming equipped with more features and abilities than ever before. In this article, we would like to share a lot of information about robot vacuums including models and brand available, advantages and disadvantages of robovacs and even if buying a robot vacuum is a good choice for your particular needs.

There are many benefits to using a robot vacuum over something like an upright vacuum. Well, the most obvious answer is that vacuum yourself is time consuming. We live in a very busy world and we all know that time is money, and we seem to have less and less of both. The average American family has at least one or two parents working full time jobs and especially if the family is split, vacuuming takes a back seat. Back robot vacuum samsung vs lg in the olden days, homes were much smaller so vacuuming also took substantially less time. You will have your time freed up to do more important things as Robovacs are operated with minimal maintenance and oversight. Another benefit of robovacs is that they are a great for people with mobility issues. Some people can’t vacuum the house and don’t want to or can’t pay to have a housekeeper vacuum for them. Finally, people can sip a lemonade while their vacuum scurries around the house picking up dust! While upright vacuums need to be plugged into a wall the whole time, which also involves moving the plug often, robot vacuums are auto-charging. The robotic vacuums simply go to their charging station when they are done with their job so that they have full juice for their next session. Upright vacuums don’t have the ability to detect dirty spots on their own where robot vacuums do. Without robot vacuums, unless the dirty spot is visible to the naked eye, we wouldn’t spend any extra time on it when vacuuming.

One extremely nice feature of the robot vacuum is that it can clean your house while you are away. Can you think of anything else that will do that for you? Similar to not having to cook your own meal, what if you came home to a house that you didn’t have to vacuum yourself? You robot vacuum can run almost unattended for months thanks to the handy feature of programming and scheduling. We know you’ve always dreamed of a clean house all the time without having to do the work yourself, or pay a housekeeper to do it (and we know the kids aren’t going to volunteer!).

Unlike the upright vacuum that you are used to, robot vacuums have no problem getting in tight places such as under furniture. Some upright vacuums you can squeeze under furniture, but most you need to give it a shove, and then put it back in place when you are done. Robovacs have no problem cruising around under beds, sofas, coffee tables and more. Is there anything better than having your house automatically vacuumed without needing to do the work yourself? We can’t think of anything!

You would be a fool though to think that there are no disadvantages when we are talking about crazy progress in consumer technology. Before you go out and buy a robot vacuum, you will want to look at the idea from all sides. Robot vacuums often do not have as high of capacity for dirt storage than upright vacuums do because of their small and compact size. Robot vacuums, depending on the severity of dirt in your home on a frequent basis, may need to be emptied frequently and require more oversight than you had planned on. While it may look attractive that robot vacuums are auto-charging, they do run on batteries and batteries need to be replaced on occasion. There are also a lot of cheap robot vacuum cleaners on the market (under $100) and these are often not high quality. High quality vacuums can cost upwards of $300 and that can be a drawback for some families. However, robot vacuum or upright vacuum, if you want quality, be prepared to spend more than $100. You already know this and have been told his hundreds of time, but you get what you pay for. One more bad thing that some complain about is that sometimes small valuable things are dropped on the ground (earrings anyone?) and the robot vacuum sucks it up. When owning a robot vacuum, you will also need to walk around your house often to find harmful things like nails, screws, bobby pins, and other things that may hurt your robot. There are pros and cons of every vacuum and none of them are right or wrong, just right or wrong you for and your family.

Now that you know the pros and cons, what robot vacuum choices do you as a consumer have? The Roomba is probably the brand name and model you are most familiar with. Created by iRobot, the Roomba has been on the robot vacuum scene since the early two-thousands. There have been many models over the years and the most recent and most advanced is the Roomba 800 Series. The Robo 800 has the most advanced cleaning system ever; at least compared to other robot vacuums. Other Roomba models do a great job, but the 800 series removes up to 50% more dirt, dander, debris and hari than previous models. This accuracy comes at a price but again, you get what you pay for.

Similar to the Roomba you will also find Neato Botvacs. They use a little different cleaning method by using a highly-effective and sought after HEPA filter. If you have bad allergies or excessive animal hair in your home, this may be the brand for you. The top Neato Botvac model has a dual-purpose brush for pet hair and also vacuuming more quietly on hard floors. It also uses super cool Botvision to memorize the layout of your entire house for the most efficient vacuuming. The best model is the Neato Botvac 80 but there are less expensive (and less effective) models. If you are looking to invest in a high quality vacuum, however, you may want to consider the top model.

Secondary to the Roomba and Neato Botvac, you will also find other brands such as LG, Yujin and even more.

All things considered, would a vacuum robot be good in your home? Decide if the pros outweigh the cons of a particular vacuum and that should help you with your decision. If you want to experiment with a different way of vacuuming (or not vacuum for the matter!), then a robot vacuum may be a good choice. There are obviously a lot of pros and if you are willing to deal with the occasional cons, you will be a happy camper! If you want to invest in a high-quality vacuum however that will last you 10 years aren’t you don’t want to feel like you need to learn the nuances of a new type of vacuum, it may be better to just stick with a quality upright vacuum. Upright vacuums really aren’t that terrible though, marketing just makes them seem like they are to sell more robot vacuums. Upright vacuums might also have less maintenance.

There are many options of vacuums out there, but we can’t stress enough how important it is to do your own research. The marketplace is not lacking options for cheap, worthless vacuums so be sure you don’t get suckered in. You will have a solid, reliable vacuum for many years to come if you do your research and then invest wisely.